Erasmus: revista de filosofía y economía

Viene de publicarse el número inicial de Erasmus, una revista publicada en Internet dedicada a la intersección de la filosofía y la economía (en ingles). El índice de este primer numero es el siguiente:

Volume 1, Issue 1, Autumn 2008

Welcome to the inaugural issue of EJPE
C. Tyler DesRoches, Luis Mireles-Flores, and Thomas Wells


(Why) do selfish people self-select in economics?
Alessandro Lanteri

Are we witnessing a ‘revolution’ in methodology of economics? About Don Ross’s recent book on microexplanation
Maurice Lagueux

Reply to Lagueux: on a revolution in methodology of economics
Don Ross

The impossibility of finitism: from SSK to ESK?
David Tyfield

Bernard Mandeville and the ‘economy’ of the Dutch
Alexander Bick

Is history of economic thought a “serious” subject?
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo

Special contribution:

Realism from the ‘lands of Kaleva’:
an interview with Uskali Mäki

Book reviews:

Review of Donald MacKenzie’s An engine, not a camera: how financial models shape markets
Job Daemen

Review of Stephen Ziliak and Deirdre McCloskey’s The cult of statistical significance: how the standard error costs us jobs, justice, and lives
Aris Spanos

Science is judgement, not only calculation: a reply to Aris Spanos’s review of The cult of statistical significance
Stephen T. Ziliak and Deirdre N. McCloskey

Review of David Colander’s The making of an economist, redux
René L. P. Mahieu

Review of Arjo Klamer’s Speaking of economics: how to get into the conversation
Erwin Dekker

Recent PhD thesis summaries:

The imprisoner’s dilemma: the political economy of proportionate punishment
Daniel D’Amico

Rationality and institutions: an inquiry into the normative implications of rational choice theory

Bart Engelen
The moral trial: on ethics and economics
Alessandro Lanteri