Spinoza y Cuerpos: conferencia internacional

La universidad de Dundee (UK) organiza una conferencia internacional sobre Spinoza y las ciencias naturale y sociales. Reproducimos la invitación:

Spinoza Research Network: first conference

Spinoza and Bodies

Registration now open –

Spinoza and Bodies: an interdisciplinary conference on Spinoza and the
sciences and social sciences
Sept 10-11, University of Dundee
Attendance is FREE – advance registration is required


Daniel Selcer (Duquesne), “Singular Things and Spanish Poets: Spinoza
on Corporeal Individuation”

Caroline Williams (Queen Mary University of London), “Reconfiguring
Body and Mind: Thinking Beyond the Subject with/through Spinoza”

Michael Mack (Nottingham), “Spinoza and Freud, or how to be mindful
of the mind”

Eric Schliesser (Leiden), “Spinoza’s criticism of mathematical

Anthony Paul Smith (Nottingham/DePaul), “The Ethical Relation of
Bodies: Thinking with Spinoza towards an Affective Ecology”

Mateusz Janik (Polish Academy of Sciences), “Thinking the Future –
Spinoza’s Political Ontology Today”

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conference registration and travel bursaries:


The Spinoza Research Network is hosted at the University of Dundee and
funded by the AHRC