Lecturas de “Dificil Libertad”

Esta abierta la inscripcion el congreso internacional Lecturas de Dificil Libertad, en el sitio web de SIREL, www.sirel-levinas.org .

Tambien se encuentran alli el programa del congreso e informaciones utiles para los participantes.

Algunos de los temas que seran tratados son los siguientes: (texto en ingles)

“Readings of Difficult Freedom”
International Conference
Société internationale de Recherches Emmanuel Levinas (SIREL)
North American Levinas Society (NALS)
Toulouse Le Mirail University, Théâtre Garonne,
Institut Catholique de Toulouse, Librairie Ombres Blanches
Cinémathèque de Toulouse
Toulouse (France)
4-9 July 2010


First published in 1963, with a second edition appearing in 1976,
“Difficile Liberté” is considered Levinas’ most accessible book and
constitutes an excellent introduction to his work: philosophy,
Biblical and Talmudic commentary, and an educational mission.

“Readings of Difficult Freedom” is the largest international
conference ever devoted to Levinas and his work. For an entire week,
more than 180 speakers from 41 countries will present and discuss the
ideas presented in “Difficult Freedom”. In addition, during the
entire conference week there will be lectures and debates in a number
of cultural centers in Toulouse as well as screenings of movies and
documentaries. The conference and events are all open to the public.

Parralel Sessions:

– Levinas and Greeks
– Levinas and Hegel
– Levinas and Kierkegaard
– Levinas and Rosenzweig
– Levinas and Brunschvicg
– Levinas and Simone Weil
– Kant and Neo-Kantians
– Heidegger, Gagarin and us
– A Religion for Adults
– Revisiting the Rational and Religious Self Consciousness of “A
Religion for Adults”
– Levinas and Christianity
– Renewal of Judaism
– Messianism
– To Love the Torah more Than God
– The Shoah
– Israel
– The Far East
– Levinas and Forgiveness
– Freedom
– Freedom and Levinas’s Rhetoric of the Here and Now
– Alterity
– Ethics and Spirit
– Justice in Difficult Freedom
– Levinas and the Political
– The Feminine
– Education
– Communication from Aphasia to Love
– The Cinema
– Language in Question
– Literature in Difficult Freedom
– Le chien Bobby