Revista Intuición: pedido de colaboraciones

La revista Intuición solicita colaboraciones. Intución es una revista con comité de lectura, que publica artículos en Español, Portugués, Ingles o Francés. Ver mas abajo la solicitud (en Ingles):

Submissions are invited for the next issue (Volume 2, Number 2, Jul-Dec 2011) of Intuición. Revista de Filosofía (ISSN 2219-1194) at

Deadline for submissions: July 30 2010.

Intución is an international journal of philosophy, independent, peer-reviewed, with emphasis on the constructive engagement of Spanish or Portuguese speaking philosophers of any tradition, school, orientation, method or style of doing philosophy, looking to add original contribution to the development of philosophy as a scientific and collaborative enterprise in all areas of research specific to this discipline.

Submission Guidelines:

Articles should be submitted (in Word format) via the journal’s website.

Intuición is a refereed journal, and is compiled and encoded in HTML and PDF. Submissions are judged exclusively on their philosophical merits. The decision of the editorial board on the acceptability of any submitted article is final, and correspondence will be not be entered into in relation to any submission which is not accepted for publication in the Journal. Manuscripts should be anonymised for blind refereeing, and contributors are asked to number all pages.




The Harvard style of referencing should be used.

The number of footnotes should be limited as much as possible, but a small number may be retained if necessary for essential parenthetical comments. If there is more than one reference per year from an author, these should be distinguished with letters after the year, e.g. 1995a, 1995b. A complete reference list must be supplied at the end of the paper. Please list in alphabetical order of first author’s surname and initials. Book and journal titles should be given in full.


The copyright of an article published by Intuición will remain with its author(s). In addition, the Journal does not manage rights and permissions for other uses of the article (such as its translation or reprint) but have them at the discretion of its author(s), provided that full reference is made to Intuición as the original medium of publication.

Editorial Board:

Moris Polanco (Universidad Francisco Marroquín), editor

Alejandro Herrera (Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, UNAM)
Vicente Marçal (Universidad Federal de Rondônia)
Jaime Nubiola (Universidad de Navarra)
Juan Andrés Mercado (Pontificia Universidad de la Santa Cruz)
Gregroy F. Pappas (Texas A&M)
Oswaldo Salazar (Universidad Francisco Marroquín)
Daniel Vázquez (Universidad Panamericana)
Eduardo Velásquez (Washington and Lee University)