Journal of Digital Humanities

Esta nueva publicación es accesible en linea y en acceso gratuito. Esta dedicada a estudiar el tema de las humanidades digitales. Este es el indice de los articulos del primer número:


Academic History Writing and its Disconnects
Tim Hitchcock

Defining Data for Humanists: Text, Artifact, Information or Evidence?
Trevor Owens

Demystifying Networks, Parts I & II
Scott Weingart

Clustering with Compression for the Historian
Chad Black

Spatializing Photographic Archives
Marc Downie and Paul Kaiser

“Humanities in a Digital Age” Symposium Podcasts
Jeremy Boggs,
Alison Booth,
Daniel J. Cohen,
Mitchell S. Green,
Anne Houston,
and Stephen Ramsay

Philosophical Leadership Needed for the Future: Digital Humanities Scholars in Museums
Nik Honeysett and Michael Edson

Critical Discourse in Digital Humanities
Fred Gibbs